• Individual therapy - individual work with youth and adults
  • Partner or marriage therapy - working with couples
  • Family therapy - work with the whole family
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensibilization and Reprocessing) - Work with traumas
  • Group meetings - support groups, thematic groups
  • Psychosocial treatment of domestic violence offenders - in cooperation with the "Ministry of Justice" of the Republic of Croatia
  • Education - „Betula“ provides various educational services in the field of psychotherapy, counseling and social services in general. So far, more such trainings have been carried out in cooperation with the „Breza“ association and „Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy“ for social workers, social pedagogues and educators from the Centers for Education throughout Croatia.
  • Supervision, intervision, covision - individual and/or group for psychotherapists and/or counselors, social workers, social pedagogues and other professionals involved in providing social services.
The most common reasons why „Betula“ services are sought:


Zoran Vargović, dr. sc.

The first long-term therapeutic education I did in Germany for a systemic therapist and bodywork therapist from 1991 to 1994.

Part of my master's study in the area of marriage and family counseling I spent in the United States through the year 2001.

Through the years 2001-2004 I completed a two-year training for family counselor organized by the German "Renovabis" and the Croatian "Caritas".

In Dubrovnik and Opatija I completed the first part of basic training (2004) in sexual therapy.

Professional training for "Psychosocial Treatment of Domestic Violence" I ended up in 2008 with the organization "Society for Psychological Assistance" from Zagreb.

During the course of 2011 I attended training in Hypnosis under the "International Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy School" in Zagreb.

During 2014 I was awarded the "European Certificate of Psychotherapy" (ECP).

Narrative Therapy training I attended in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia (2014-2015) where in Melbourne I also completed my PhD with the topic about application of Narrative Therapy in specific contexts (2017).

In the year 2017 I also went through training for trauma work using the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) method.

In the year 2018 I went to education for "psychotherapy in three" for the work with refugees who, in case of therapeutic conversation, have a need for a translator.